AviationAfrica’s billionaire club is growing faster than that of any other continent, and this growing elite has one, must-have, status-affirming accessory… the private jet

By Melanie Mingas 

As the saying goes, style cannot be bought. But if you have anything upwards of $50m lying around, stylish travel certainly can.

The Middle East and Africa may contribute only 6.1 per cent to the global private jet market, but the jets which reside in the region’s airfield hangars could give even Donald Trump’s $100m Boeing 757 a run for its money. From Saudi

Arabia to Nigeria, this trend is growing.

Last year, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud upgraded from an already renowned personal plane to become the owner of the world’s most expensive private jet. The customised Airbus A380 reportedly boasts a two-car garage, a

stable for horses and camels, and a prayer room that rotates to constantly faces Mecca. It is estimated to have cost the Middle Eastern royal more than US$500mn.

Not wishing for guests at his Four Seasons hotels to miss out on a chance to experience similar opulence, his coowned hospitality group unveiled its own, 52-capacity Boeing 757 earlier this year.

Designed to take VIP guests on bespoke journeys around the world, the experience is described as exceeding the needs of the modern luxury traveller, through the integration of Four Seasons hospitality on the ground and in flight.

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