OctopodOctopod’s idiosyncratic design derives from three aquatic sources. (Photo: MB&F)After the first aquatic wristwatch HM7 Aquapod, MB&F dives once again deep into the marine world by announcing the Octopod table clock, co-created with Swiss luxury brand L'Epée 1839

Blending contemporary design with kinetic sculpture and a transparent bubble filled with traditional horology, the new Octopod continues MB&F’s exploration of aquatic themes with an eight-leg, eight-day clock inspired by cephalopods, marine chronometers and The Abyss.

According to the company, “The real horological magic and mystery take place in Octopod’s completely transparent spherical head.”

The first thing to notice is that Octopod’s transparent sphere is gimballed in a similar way to the traditional ship chronometers. In Octopod’s case, the gimbal ensures that no matter what angle or height it sits, it is easy to rotate the bubble so that the time display inside is at the ideal plane for maximum legibility.

In addition to the gimballed-like ship chronometers, the attentive eye, locating in the minute hand, will notice its pulsating escapement, which regulates the clock’s precision. Also, there is the mystery of how Octopod’s clockwork is suspended inside its crystalline sphere, so that it appears to be floating in space or water.

“The base plate of the movement is a transparent glass plate that has been treated with a film of anti-reflective coating on both sides so that it is virtually invisible. Like an octopus concealing parts of itself with camouflage, Octopod conceals parts of itself with visual tricks of its own,” the company exemplified.

Octopod is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each in black PVD, blue PVD and palladium.