diamonds elite living africaThe Phoenix Cut Diamond collection. (Photo: Antwerp Diamonds)The Phoenix Cut diamond features a unique and patented cut with 89 facets, giving it intense fire and brilliance

Crafted by specialists at the world-renowned Smolensk Kristall workshops in Russia, the collection comprises of rings, earrings, pendants and bangles in truly desirable platinum and 18ct gold. 

Every Phoenix Cut must pass the industries strictest quality control, prior to submission for certification by the H.R.D. laboratories of Antwerp. The diamonds are cut from the finest selection of pure white diamonds. 

Phoenix Cut diamonds comfortably sit at the top of this scale and olour or the lack of it allows more light to pass through the diamond, therefore the less colour the diamond has the more it will sparkle.

The more valuable the diamond  fewer inclusions that can be seen. The scale ranges from the highest grade possible Loupe clean, meaning that under 10 times magnification no flaws can be seen, down to Pique, the flaws in these diamonds are visible to the naked eye and are split in to P1, P2 and P3 depending on the severity of the inclusion.

The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions and of the 4C’s, the cut is the aspect directly influenced by man. Diamonds are cut into various shapes depending upon the original form of the uncut diamond, which is called “rough”, and whatever the shape, a well-cut diamond is better able to reflect light.

This reflection is achieved by the use of facets, adjacent flat surfaces, of which a Phoenix Cut has 89. When the facets are polished correctly, symmetrically and to proper proportions, light is reflected from one to another and then reflected through the top of the stone.