satta jewelleryModels wearing Satta Matturi fine jewellery. (Photo: Satta jewellery)Elite Living Africa speaks exclusively to African jewellery designer, Satta Matturi about her fine jewellery collection 

Satta Matturi began her career at De Beers where she worked for 16 years as a key account manager in the sales department.

Her role was focused around selling unpolished diamonds at a wholesale level. She then slowly began designing her own costume jewellery. “I started making my own jewellery and it began with family and friends. I thought to myself, why not actually create a brand? And there was no African lady out there doing fine jewellery.”

Having worked in the diamond industry for 16 years and being knowledgeable about diamonds (both rough and polished), this was a natural path for Satta to take. “I love art, I love fashion - my father was an architect. He worked as a resident director for West Africa for De Beers that’s how I got into it after university."

“I thought I had a good story to tell – originally I am from West Africa, Sierra Leone which is synonymous with diamonds anyway or be it there is the blood diamond issue with it. However, we moved on from that. And I think it’s nice for an African woman and someone who worked in that level – De Beers and looking after big clients – Tiffany and Graff, to actually be out there and so something and create something that people can actually cherish.”

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