ChristopheClaret Marguerite Sertie MT115.200 230 RectoVerso Will you marry me FB 1The Marguerite by Christopher Claret. (Photo: Christopher Claret)The elegant and romantic Marguerite watch reflects the essence of feminine watchmaking as created by Christophe Claret

The bold and intricate design of the watch unveils a personalised secret message. It features a unique sense of optical illusions with Marguerite as part of the Margot line.

Adorned in more than 600 exquisite diamonds Christophe Claret’s very first ladies’ model strengthens the brand’s determination to give substance to a full-fledged feminine collection.  

The Marguerite watch was launched in 2015 and is already available in five different white gold or 5N red gold versions decorated with “snowflake” or “champagne” setting. It uses vivid shades of blue, red and green depending on the version.

For this new model, Christophe Claret meets the boldness of this charmingly romantic mechanism.