Faidee The Grand Phoenix elite living africaThe Grand Phoenix by Faidee was unveiled at Baselworld. (Photo: Faidee)A selection of fine jewellery was showcased at this year's Baselworld show which was held at Messeplatz exhibition centre in Basel, Switzerland.

A host of luxury jewellery companies attended the event, showcasing a selection of bespoke and unique jewellery pieces.


Ravi Lunia, director of gem dealers Faidee, unveils the outstanding unheated Burmese ruby necklace ‘The Grand Phoenix.’ Claudio Siffredi, owner of Stardust Monte-Carlo and Anna Andres the Faidee’s Ambassador were also at the show.

Ravi explained to Elite Living Africa that the rarity of the rubies featured on The Grand Phoenix gives it the high price tag of US$35mn. The necklace features 24 Pigeon’s Blood Rubies of 59.83 cts in total weight - with a 6 cts super-gem in the center as well as other exceptional Burmese rubies ranging from 1 ct to 5 cts, combined with 100.21 cts total of colorless fancy shape diamonds of D colour grade and FL and IF clarity grade.

“The Grand Phoenix is an exceptional masterpiece; a collection of flawless rubies spanning over four generations. To find a single exceptional ruby of this calibre is a daunting task but with our passion and burning desire to excel beyond perfection, we’ve managed a miracle that has never been attained in the history of the jewellery industry. We are extremely proud to reveal this extraordinary necklace to the world for the first time,” says Ravi.

Messika elite living africaThe Move Nova collection from Messika. (Photo: Messika)


Paris jewellery designer, Valérie Messika offers contemporary high jewellery inspired by social and cultural mania in Paris. Elite Living Africa was given the opportunity to discover what the Messika brand was about and what makes it unique to other jewellery brands. Morgan Le Bail, press and public relations at Messika gave us a tour of the jewellery collections which she noted is a favourite among celebrities such as Beyonce. Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Eva Longoria have also been seen wearing Messika jewellery among other high profile names.

One of the collections, Glam’Azone, reflects Messika’s vision of women: free, strong, triumphant and radiant, such as the heroines of ancient mythology.

The new creations are inspired by helmets, arrows and shields of warriors to instill their strength in 21st century women. Messika combines its Amazon-inspired collection with Skinny, the brand’s technical innovation. The nano-springs make the jewellery elastic so it suits different sizes.

The Glam’Azone Skinny cuff is handcrafted with a pavé setting and embodies the spirit of mythical warriors in the woman who wears it.

The cuff is available with or without pavé diamonds, the Glam’Azone iconic pieces come in white, pink or yellow gold.

marguerit Elite Living AfricaLeft is Eclosion featured in the Leyanda collection and right is the Genus necklace featured in the GEA collection. (Photo: Magerit)Magerit

One of our favourite pieces from Magerit is featured in the Leyanda collection. Eclosion is a necklace that reflects the birth of a woman using a flower design and features intricate details of feminine silhouette contrasts with a burst of colour from the petals using whites, rubies and brilliant greens.

The jewellery blends its designers' creativity and originality with the sophisticated, handcrafted finishes of each individual piece.

Chyz Perez, marketing manager at Magerit talked us through the Magerit jewellery collections, which she highlighted embodies various elements of nature. Each piece is made from 18kt yellow or white gold and features diamonds, pearls and coloured stones.