luxury jet elite living africaWinch Design is showcasing ACJ319 for sale through Sparfell & Partners, industry leaders in aircraft management and sales at Ebace 2018 taking place 29-31 May in Geneva, Switzerland

The jet was delivered in 2013 at AMAC Aerospace in Basel, this stunning aircraft was designed to emulate the luxury of Private Gentleman’s Clubs. The interior features smooth leather floors, soft, tonal furnishings, ambient lighting and a library of books.

Once you step onboard guests are able to pull up an armchair, switch on a reading lamp, and pour themselves a drink while reading their favourite book. The jet offers ultimate comfort, where travel is not a chore, but instead a fine art. 

Winch Design has also revealed it will be collaborating with Sparfell and Partners, a game-changing double-decker A380 concept that is sure to embrace their signature design philosophy, centred on the importance of creating dynamic spaces that are balanced, beautiful and uplifting.

A number of big names from the aviation sector will be at the three-day event, including Gulfstream, JetSmarter, VistaJet and Boeing Business Jets. “EBACE is the time of the year our industry comes together to highlight business aviation’s innovative spirit and its inherent value,” said Wiese. “This is a reality EBAA promotes not just at EBACE, but throughout the year,” said European Business Aviation Association chair Juergen Wiese. 

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