mys elite living africaThe Monaco Yacht Show will showcase 125 one-off superyachts on 27 September built by the most reputable shipyards and exhibited by the most influential brokerage houses

Superyacht owners, future clients and the industry influencers will see 42 new launches at the yachting event.

Each year, the Monaco Yacht Show curates the exhibition of 125 extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards and welcomes leaders from the yachting industry. 580 exhibiting companies and partners participate in the growing success of the MYS.

Ahead of the show on September 26, the second edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit will present a series of thematic talks led by industry experts who will share unbiased information to a delegation with potential first-time charterers and buyers.

Monaco provides the perfect setting to showcase for industry influencers from the most reputable superyacht builders, award winning yacht designers, luxury suppliers, influential brokerage houses to the most sought-after tenders and water toys, prestige cars, helicopter and private jet manufacturers.

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