vals 4 hotel therme elite living africaThe thermal baths at 7132 Hotel have been designed by Peter Zumthor. (7132 Hotel)Guests are transported to 'alpine luxury' at Switzerland's 7132 Therme spa

The word spa comes from the Latin phrase salus per aquam, which means “health through water”. 

This concept is based on the experiences across the ancient world, in the Orient and within the Roman Empire, that certain waters have special health-giving properties. Beyond that, there was a common belief across cultures in holistic well-being, a blend of the physical, mental and spiritual wellness that only water could give. But going to a spa is more than going for a regenerating massage or a relaxing bath; it’s also a way to discover new cultures. So, why not consider the idea of combining a wellness break and a cultural trip during your holidays? It doesn’t matter if you choose a refreshing sojourn during the summer, a warm, soothing break during the winter or simply a relaxing, regenerating experience to overcome jetlag. Even one hour in a spa can help you reconnect your senses. Your creativity will flourish, and the world will seem brighter.

If the atmosphere is appropriate and the staff expert in applying the skills of the antique rituals, the experience will be unforgettable. We will visit some of the most prestigious spas that have sagely blended comfort, elegance and quality of services with new concepts, settings and interior design. Ofhten,these have been conceived and developed by world-renowned designers and planners. Unique architectural design always helps to amplify the physical and mental sensations conjured up by some of the world’s best spas.

Visiting the 7132 Therme in Vals, Switzerland, is like travelling in time, while time stands still. The hotel and the spa offers a sensational sensory experience of contrasts – warm and cold, light and dark, silence and sounds, materials and evanescence, indoor and outdoor. It becomes a trip within a trip. The construction is barely visible from the outside, nestled as it is in the hillside and with a grasscovered roof. The various shapes and textures of the grey-green quartzite slates create outstanding chromatic effects along the walls and pavements, a discreet presence in perfect harmony with the mountains and alpine landscape.

Thermal baths gather the mineral-rich waters that flow at a temperature of 30°C in the Vals Valley. The natural stone, along with the pleasing temperature of the waters (the indoor pool is 32°C, while the outdoor pool ranges from 30°C to 36°C) and the surprising light effects that change continuously during the day help create the mystic atmosphere that surrounds the 7132 Therme. Ayurvedic treatments, lomi lomi massage, oriental massage, blossom baths, the sound grotto, cold and hot water pools, steam baths and mineral-rich water springs are among the marvellous things you can find here. The stone building is the first in Switzerland to receive protection as a listed monument, which happened shortly after its construction. 7132 Therme is a favourite destination for experiential visits by architects from around the world. Peter Zumthor, the architect of the received the Pritzker Prize and the Royal Gold Medal for this project, two of the most important awards for architecture worldwide.

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