Kestrel Aviation Elite Living AfricaThe 787 Dreamliner from Kestrel Aviation Management is a 40-seat aircraft with nearly 9,800 nautical mile range and the ability to fly more than 17 hours, non-stop between major destinations

Offering ultimate luxury, the interior of the VVIP Boeing 787-8 has been designed using the best leathers and fabrics, woods and marble and lightweight metal composites 

“With this BBJ 787 we are launching corporate aviation into a new era of luxury, technology and style,” said Stephen Vella CEO and Founder Kestrel Aviation Management.

“Both the 787 and the A350 have extended point-to-point range to travel virtually anywhere in the world non-stop. By combining their advanced technology and efficiency with the most innovative cabin design, the Kestrel curated BBJ 787 opens a new era of freedom, luxury and comfort in travel,” added Vella.

The idea behind the cabin was to create an 'oasis of peace,' says Nohl Marin, VP, Kestrel Aviation Management. 

"We strive for designs that feel organic, not industrial, with surfaces that invite emotional as well as physical connection."