yachts elite living africaThe new Dynamiq 35 metre superyacht GTT 115 Hybrid, designed in collaboration with cult Studio F.A. Porsche was showcased at the 2017 Monaco Yacht show

Built using advanced technology, the GTT 115 has developed a stabilisation system with four fins and interceptors. Her bespoke hybrid system and energy-saving, variable-speed generators are tributes to Dynamiq’s strong belief in the sustainable future of yachting.

“The world premiere is the culmination of a long process of design and development to introduce a new kind of superyacht to the market,” says Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Dynamiq.

“For us at Studio F. A. Porsche it was a very inspiring experience to be involved with a yacht project that is significantly different from others,” adds Roland Heiler, CEO of Studio F. A. Porsche.

Production of the GTT 115 was limited to 7 units to make the GTT 115 a true collector’s item, the company notes. The yacht is the latest embodiment of the Dynamiq philosophy to design and build next-generation yachts for owners with a refined taste.