avanti evo elite living africaThe Piaggio Avanti Evo jet from private boutique company Connectjets was showcased for the first time in the UK at London City Airport on 11-12 October

The jet, manufactured by Piaggio Aerospace, was presented at the airport for viewings organised for selected media and with some demonstration flights also being scheduled. 

The Piaggio Avanti Evo brings together Italian style, advanced technology with rear-facing propellers that offers superior climb performance and an ability to reach a maximum speed of 402 kts (463 MPH) and altitude of 41,000 ft, making it much quicker and quieter that other jet aircraft in its class.

Not only does the jet offer excellence in style and use state-of-the-art technology it offers enticing menu options unique to ConnectJets, the official agents of the jet. The menu had been designed to aid digestion, while ensuring passengers are feeling rested and re-energised on arrival. Tom Harrow, wine director at Honest Grapes, curates the wines for ConnectJets and showcased various wines at the two-day event.

“I am delighted as sole sales agent for the Avanti Evo in the British Isles and Channel Islands to be demonstrating this luxurious aircraft at London City Airport. Never has the pressure on aviation to lead the way in reducing the impact of transport on the environment been so high and with this in mind the introduction of the EVO to the UK Aviation market could not be more timely,” said Gabriella Somerville, founder and managing director of ConnectJets who was present at the event.