yacht elite living africaCanados has announced it will unveil three new models during the Cannes Boat Show, the Gladiator 42’, Gladiator 76’ and Canados 971’

Another new model for 2016 is the Oceanic 76’, which will also be revealed to the public during the festival taking place in Cannes in September.

“It is really amazing to be involved in the construction of a custom made 23 meteres at the Cannes Yachting festival. I frequently do similar sized yachts, but nowhere else did I see such approach from a builder. The technical office as well as the superb internal joinery shop are simply processing like if it was a 50-meteres project.

“They basically scaled down large yacht processes to smaller yachts, allowing the owner unlimited choices and variants in the smallest details. I will not even elaborate on the capacity of the craftsmen who are simply producing work of art”.

Canados  was  established  in  1946  and  has  so far delivered  over 700 yachts in sizes up to 36 metres.