mclaren Elite Living AfricaThe McLaren 570S. (Photo: Mclaren)Years of Formula One experience has helped McLaren create fantastic supercars, including its five exclusive 570S Design Edition cars

These now feature Alcantara, a highly innovative material offering a combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities.

On such an extreme two-seater, the unique characteristics of this all-Italian brand make it a winner. A sporty grip using Alcantara® Carbon Black upholstery on the seats prevents the driver sliding about when braking or powerfully accelerating.  On the steering wheel rim, an Alcantara® covering ensures that at any temperature there is perfect grip and maximum tactile sensitivity, enabling the driver to feel the tiniest vibrations that are so important when driving on the road or track.

Alcantara, teamed with leather, was chosen for its exceptional ability to adapt to the most diverse surfaces covering the ergonomic shape of the car's racing seats and sports steering wheel, for its craftsmanship and for developing specific colours for McLaren. The palette for the McLaren 570S Design Editions ranges from carbon black to charcoal grey, which instantly evoke the racing world.

In addition to the seats, Alcantara also added a customised touch to the dashboard sides and door panels, including the lower part that is visible as the door rises when opening.  The Alcantara material that features in each of the five Design Editions changes according to the colour of the bodywork and its combination with leather: Onyx Black, Storm Grey, Ventura Orange and Silica White. 

Alcantara is a technical material with the unique capacity to work well in both the sports and luxury worlds. With its 570 HP, the McLaren 570S can challenge drivers as though they were racing in Formula 1 yet also cradle them when driving through the City or motoring in the Highlands, always with the maximum enjoyment and modern luxury of an Alcantara interior.