harrods elite living africaAlessandro's designed displayed in Harrods, London. (Photo: Visionnaire)The first art-design project presented by Visionnaire Home Philosophy from Sandrino “the butcher”, designed by Alessandro La Spada in limited edition, will be on display in Harrods between 12-10 May 2017

The installation was showcased to members the press at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) on 30 March and included other carefully chosen pieces as part of the project Art Partners by Harrods. 

The presentation aims to acknowledge excellence in contemporary design by strengthening ties between luxury and creative brands.

With only eight limited edition pieces, the console “Never on sunday”, the mirror with wall lamp “Cleaver mirror” and the stool “Steak stool”, drew inspiration from the ancient Sicilian kitchens in which Alessandro used to spend his childhood, Visionnaire Home Philosophy reveals. It depicts a reflection on the existence through the eyes of the “Doppelgänger”, that is, the evil twin who dwells in us and with whom, unconsciously, we often alternate.