Elite Living Africa champagneChampagne Bollinger.Exploring the beauty of Champange Bollinger.

For almost two centuries, the Bollinger House has crafted exceptional wines that are also moments of beauty. In the finely woven golden bubbles an entire way of life is perpetuated, an ancient, yet highly modern story dominated by the protective figure of Madame Elisabeth Bollinger.

The radiant personality of Madame Bollinger, a ScottishFrench aristocrat who, on the death of her husband, ran the family estate from 1941 to 1971, exemplifies the House's commitment to excellence. A pioneering businesswoman and a strategist gifted with a rare intuition, she imbued the House with her spirit of independence and exquisite style.

"Less is more," said this visionary woman, with an almost austere elegance, if it had not been for her famous string of white pearls. Such is the golden rule which, even today, defies fashion trends and requires human expertise, nature and time to guarantee the quality of Bollinger champagnes.

The British monarchy was quite right when, in 1884, it awarded the House the prestigious Royal Warrant, as official suppliers to the court.

The House's pioneering spirit draws its strength from the very land where it originates. The extraordinary quality and fertility of its vineyard, spans 200 hectares and produces some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This tipple was refined by the expertise of the House's artisans and master craftsmen. No training could teach such expertise as manufacturing secrets and ancestral techniques have been passed down through the generations – riddling of the bottles by hand, cork stoppers, vinification in wood, are passed down within the House.